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Lukes Mug
Luke received his mug from an Easter egg that his Aunt bought him when he was 8 or 9 years old.
Daves Mug
Dave's mug was a freebie from an A-level chemistry trip to the Teesside BASF facility.
Maffs Mugs
Maff's famous collection of Warner-Brothers mugs was purchased from Argos in Durham. The chalkboard mug was a gift.
Matts Mugs
As head of the group, Matt is the only person allowed coffee in his mug. The rest of us use them as paperweights.
Phils Mug
Like the Bagot goat, Phil is a rare breed.
Chriss Mug
Chris once had a clash of mugs with Rex. Now he has this one.
MattF's Mug
Matt's mug was bought from Wikipedia during a recent charity event.