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Members of Nanoquanta can view the latest official work plan for the project, in Annex I to the contract with the EU, at the Nanoquanta Members' website.

Integration Team* Members Current Workpackage(s)*
IT1: Establishing the Infrastructure of the ETSF Silvana Botti (Paris), Rodolfo Del Sole (Rome), Pedro Echenique (San Sebastián), Rex Godby (York), Valerio Olevano (Paris), Giovanni Onida (Milan), Olivia Pulci (Rome), Gian-Marco Rignanese (Louvain-la-Neuve), Lucia Reining# (Paris), Angel Rubio (San Sebastián), Matthias Scheffler (Berlin-FHI). WP1
IT2: Training and Reach-Out Gian Paolo Brivio (Milan), Rex Godby (York), Maurizia Palummo (Rome), Angel Rubio (San Sebastián), Arno Schindlmayr# (Berlin-FHI) and Francesco Sottile (Paris). WP2
IT3: External relations As IT1 (IT1 and IT3 are merged for operational purposes.) WP3
IT4: Society issues Paula Havu (Berlin-FHI), Jelena Sjakste (Paris), Nathalie Vast# (Paris) and Ulf von Barth (Lund). WP4
IT5: Isolate a Zero-Dimensional Structure and Conquer its Environment Alberto Castro (San Sebastián), Hardy Gross# (Berlin-FU) and Nathalie Vast (Paris). WP5
IT6: One-dimensional Systems and their Composites Pablo García-González (San Sebastián), Angel Rubio# (San Sebastián) and Gianluca Stefanucci (Lund). WP6
IT7: Computing Total Energy and Excited States at Surfaces and Interfaces Katalin Gaal-Nagy (Milan), Giovanni Onida# (Milan), Olivia Pulci (Rome), and Patrick Rinke (Berlin-FHI). WP7
IT8: Fundamental Knowledge for Advanced Materials Friedhelm Bechstedt# and Jürgen Furthmüller (Jena). WP8
IT9: Integration of theory and code developments Carl-Olof Almbladh (Lund), Marco Cazzaniga (Milan), Andrea Cucca (Paris), Xavier Gonze# (Louvain-la-Neuve), Miguel Marques (Berlin FU) and Yann Pouillon (San Sebastián). WP9

Editors: Myrta Grüning (Louvain-la-Neuve), Matthieu Verstraete (York);

“Stringers”: Michel Bockstedte (San Sebastián), Silvana Botti (Paris), Nuno Carneiro (York), Jürgen Furthmüller (Jena), Katalin Gaal-Nagy (Milan), Ricardo Gómez-Abal (Berlin FHI), Myrta Grüning (Louvain-la-Neuve), Maria Hellgren (Lund), Conor Hogan (Rome), Stefan Kurth (Berlin FU);

Webmaster: Tony Patman (York).

RTN/ITN Funding Applications Peter Bokes (Associate Member; Bratislava/York), Pablo García-González (San Sebastián), Conor Hogan (Rome), Stefan Kurth (Berlin FU), Valerio Olevano (Associate Member, Grenoble/Paris).
Workshops Valerio Olevano (Associate Member; Grenoble/Paris), Gian-Marco Riganese (Louvain-la-Neuve), Patrick Rinke (Berlin FHI), Francesco Sottile (San Sebastián), Ludger Wirtz (Associate Member; Lille/San Sebastián).