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Amateur Radio:

I am a Radio amateur with the callsigns 2E1FIT, M1CFX, and most recently M0CWX. I'm keeping this page brief for now.

I intend to put more stuff up here when I have the chance, here are a few links for the time being

I've relocated the station to Cambridge now, although I'm only on 2 metres (all modes) from an indoor dipole, so unless you live in the room above me - don't expect to hear much from me. I'll document my progress, when I make some progress!

GB3RB is now on the air in Bolsover. Input 434.800 Mhz, output 433.200 MHz.

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Bolsover Amateur Radio Society
York Radio (Amateur) Club
University of York Amateur Radio Society
IRLP Interenet Linking.
GB3EE the Chesterfield 70cm repeater.
The Radio Society of Great Britain
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